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Cris Odriozola - Talleres y Cursos

As a cook and a lover of communication with people I love being able to share a space of time where I can show small tricks and techniques to make some recipes that I propose.

My excuse is the kitchen. It is through this that I find the way you give yourself a time to enjoy and disconnect. It is an activity that automatically forces you to connect with yourself again and develop strength, energy and “good rollismo” for the week.

The power of the kitchen is sometimes difficult to explain. That’s why in my workshops I approach my philosophy of life, my way of living the kitchen and why it is so important that we give importance (worth the redundancy) to what we eat and cook.

How the workshops work

How the workshops work

All the workshops are practical and experimental. They are designed so that while you participate in the preparation of the dishes you can enjoy a pleasant culinary environment where you can create synergies and pleasant situations with the group.

I need to know kitchen

The workshops are designed so that you all learn but above all so that you enjoy it. It is not about learning “a recipe”, they are focused on learning small tricks and techniques for each day and always in a practical and fun way.

Where the workshops are held

Currently the collaborating space is: ESPAI MOS. Gran vía Asima, n-15.

Do you have a proposal

Do not hesitate to share your theme par excellence and what you would like us to dedicate a session to. Contact