Private Chef

Your perfect event is my reason and my cause

El poder de los productos de cercanía alrededor de tu mesa

Chef Cris Odriozola

Private chefs are not limited to a single public. As a cook and private chef I enjoy adapting to each situation and each client.A romantic dinner with your sentimental couple, a meal with your friends, a dinner with the coworkers or maybe a dinner with your usual guests that you want to surprise … They are so many moments and situations that lend themselves to this service that as a private chef I feel lucky to know that I can adapt to all of them.

My goal is to bring you closer to something different from what we are not used to. That you can feel the power of being in the place you have chosen and enjoy a personalized service, unique and always based on the quality product, fresh and seasonal using the best techniques and with the greatest discretion, empathy and creativity that It characterizes me.

How does it work?

Natural Ingredients

The natural knows differently. My philosophy is based on buying in small shops, directly to producers, creating a confidence that allows me to know what product is optimal for the menu we have designed.

I cook where you choose

You fancy the outdoors, or a great event in your home or you may have a place and only lack the figure of a private chef. For that I am, I go where you need and I adapt to your needs to create the special event you are thinking.


Within this section we find many proposals depending on the guests that you are.

Write me privately so we can adapt to your needs.

Clean and Neat

My work ends when everything is in place and the space as it was at the beginning of the service. As a private chef, this is the most important part of finishing a job satisfactorily.

There are as many possibilities as there are ideas

My services as a private chef are very different. I can offer you a sporadic service, a full service of breakfast, lunch and dinner for a short or long period of time. I also offer you the possibility of learning to buy and cook together, or the option of making the menu in my facilities and take it to the place you need. All this and everything you are thinking is possible. Just contact by email or phone to design the event you dream of and be sure that together we find a way to make it happen.