Custom Programs

Custom Programs

There are situations that need personal solutions, where the implication results in wellness and health objectives. Where a good start helps to integrate healthy culinary habits in a progressive way in the lifestyle. Where it is necessary that they inspire you, support you and accompany you to get the best version of you.

Kitchen Coach

Do you need to train your staff at home and show the culture, customs and tastes that your family has when eating?

My program KITCHEN COACH Its objective is to accompany, train and approach your culture, customs and tastes in a didactic and simple way to your trustworthy person in order that there is a nutritional balance and an adaptation of the family's favorite recipes.

Cocina & Conciencia

The program "Cocina & Consciencia" Its objective is to accompany you in a totally personalized and individualized way towards the search of your nutritional balance. Managing the kitchen and everything it entails will be much easier after completing this program.

Together we will design a refrigerator and pantry fund that covers both your nutritional needs and your tastes. We will learn which suppliers allow us to respect the timing of fruits and vegetables, and thus create our trusted network. We will discover the power that cooking has and be able to share it around a table, doing a follow-up to solidify the concepts learned.

I invite you to discover the magic that is generated when you enjoy cooking and nourishing yourself in a healthy and full way.

Interested in any of these programs ...

You want more information or have an idea for a personal program, do not hesitate to contact. We talk about it and we come up with the best solution for you.