The Cook at the service of your Company

Your goal is mine and my resource to join, the cook


Work on values such as union, trust and leadership. Creating good relationships and strengthening the values of the company is possible with a tool of overwhelming power: THE COOK. We will define objectives and roles, we will work interpersonal relationships solving problems through games and tests of different topics to arrive together at a goal: personal and business growth.


There is power when sharing a table, when the eyes meet and the distance is shortened. The creation of a menu tailored to your needs as a company is perfect to create a space that gives rise to expose your needs as a team and create an atmosphere conducive to talk about objectives, projects and improvements. If you have space, I’ll go. If you prefer, I will cover your needs. The only condition: that there is a table.


Sometimes getting away from our routine space can create the perfect situation. You need to develop a business activity such as a meeting, a brainstorm for new proposals, or a detail for a client, this is your best option. An exclusive space for you, a fully adapted menu, all designed together to create and meet the main objective: grow business.

a service to grow your company and the people that compose it

Why me

Combining professionalism with experience does not always guarantee success. But when my clients repeat … that sets the way.


It’s up to you. I propose a collaborative space, a prepared gastronomic space, or if you prefer I move to your facilities.

What do we need

Wherever it is, a large table is paramount since it is our connecting element. I’ll take care of everything else.


Through email or mobile phone. We will make a first meeting where I will explain all the methodology.