About me

Cris Odriozola

I’m Cris Odriozola, cook by vocation and always lover of the product. I firmly believe in the flavor that the intangible and sustains bring, that there is no better way for things to know well, than to cook everything with passion and being aware of all the people involved in the process, so that day you can count with that product that you have chosen.
I’m a faithful defender of local and seasonal products,
I create situations and gastronomic experiences because I love sharing my thoughts and philosophy of life with the world, always using the kitchen and its power as a channel of communication.

For me to cook is freedom, it is to allow yourself not to be strait-jacketed and to make and break your taste and craving. It’s reinventing yourself and risking it. It is to try and modify. It’s sharing your best version. But, without a doubt, it is the greatest exercise of freedom and generosity that day-to-day life gives us in the form of vital need.
I feel very fortunate to be able to combine my two passions (cooking and traveling) and make them part of my vital needs. I enjoy knowing new cultures, customs and recipes. I firmly believe that traveling makes you free and aware of the myriad ways (all valid) of cooking and living the unique moment of sitting around a table to share everything that everyone is willing to share.


In a world where it is increasingly difficult to show and feel I pretend to be the rebel that I have always been and promote more than ever good actions, love towards everyone, sharing and respecting the freedom of each one. I propose a day to day with more beautiful gestures, more smiles and less than what does not add up. I propose to leave our children a more careful world with more light. A heritage that is worth inheriting and values to be proud of.
And, obviously, I propose to enjoy the power that the kitchen has to generate magical situations around the table. From any table, anywhere. Being and being but, above all, feeling.
Sincerely; a crazy dreamer who uses the kitchen as a channel of direct communication to the heart.