A gastronomic experience designed just for you

get a full experience with the power of the kitchen

Gastronomic experiences around a table

Feel the power of the kitchen

Workshops and practical and experimental Cooking Courses, of different themes and levels that adapt to your proposals. Teambuilding where to work values such as union, cooperation, trust. Gastronomic encounters of all kinds: business, private or celebrations.

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On that date or simply because you want to show your love … the perfect gift. Flavors, sensations and laughter … a whole experience.

Vanesa Ramos

It’s a great way to have a good time, disconnect from problems and work and get carried away by the laughter and the good atmosphere that Cris gets. And on top of that, you learn a lot. I recommend it without any doubt!

Milagros Sánchez Cobos

In short, a highly recommended experience and where you are going knowing that you are going to have a good time

Rocío Saíz

Cris is natural, authentic and full of love … a pure enjoyment of all the senses

Biel Mestre

Cris created a unique environment. Now I understand the gastronomic “experience”. I just hope to repeat again.